Our team

Morgan’s currently employ around 500 hardworking local community members.

Morgan’s currently employ around 500 hardworking local community members. Our members enjoy shopping where they earn because of the great benefits such as; best value and quality house brands, loyalty programs and Team vouchers that offer additional savings for every employee.

To sustain our vision and achieve our mission, we aim:

  • To maintain the cleanest and tidiest work place at all times
  • To display in the most innovative manner, the freshest and most wanted range of highest quality items
  • To ensure a safe, healthy, non-discriminatory environment for both our customers
    and the members of our team
  • To vigorously respond to customer and team suggestions in an effort to improve our offer to all
  • To continually identify and implement uniqueness in our offer so we always have numerous “Points of Difference”
  • To ensure our service to all people is always cheerful, courteous, enjoyable and satisfying
  • To continually seek methods to further reduce costs so the savings are able to be passed on to our customers
  • To provide our team with empowerment, support, and training to ensure we all achieve both our vision and our mission

Our Vision

To be a leader in our industry and a model in our community.

Our Mission

To never knowingly disappoint a customer or a team member.

Morgan’s Team Structure

Company Policy Manual

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